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Bean Bags

Our bean bag collections are finished to the highest quality with splashproof and water resistant designs making many of them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Browse our great range of bean cushions, slabs, gamers, chairs, cubes and bags for modern seating solutions.

The world became a more colourful and fun place when bean bags were invented and now there are lots of different versions of these quirky creations. You can relax and sink down into a classic beanbag, ease back into a bean chair, focus your attentions on your video games with the perfectly sculpted bean gamer or liven up your living spaces with bean cushions and bean slabs.

If you have the inclination you could have a home full of bean bags meeting your every seating need. The beanbag is such a versatile and ingenious creation that really brings out the imagination in people. Their bold colours and simple designs lend themselves to a touch of frivolity but these are serious contenders in the world of comfortable and practical seating. They are light weight, cost effective, shape supporting products that provide everything traditional chairs can but with added style and charisma. The bean bag has proven just how adaptable it is and has begun to spread into quirky office spaces and libraries offering comfortable seating that is easy to move and store in a corner to free up areas for multi-purpose use.

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