Starting a New Craft in the New Year

December 27
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If you’re like many people, you’re in search of a new hobby to take up during the New Year – something that’ll occupy your time, and provide you with something to show for it at the end. Crafts provide an excellent distraction; they come in many different forms, and allow creative people to channel their muse in a variety of different ways. This might be through paintbrushes and canvas; it might be through a needle and thread; or it might be through countless other means.

If you’re considering picking up a craft-based hobby in the New Year, you might be wondering just where to get started. Let’s examine the problem, and see what the world of crafting has to offer – and consider which particular crafts might appeal.

Gymnastics Has Taken the UK by Storm

December 13
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Gymnastics is a sport that’s enjoyed particular popularity in the last year, as it does in almost every Olympics year. With ‘Team GB’ now firmly established as a household name, children across the country are now pouring into gymnasiums, hoping to one day emulate their heroes on the biggest stage at all. It’s a hope shared, doubtless, by the British Olympic Association.

Enrolment at local gymnastic clubs tends to be muted during non-Olympic years – there’s only a relatively small window for would-be gymnasts to take up the sport and achieve a degree of technical prowess, and so catching children at the right age is vitally important. During Olympic years, we see a marked uptick in the number of children enrolling in classes. The reason for this is clear; it’s by far the largest event of a professional gymnast’s career, and it’s televised to an extent that no other gymnastics competition can even begin to match.

Top Gifts Ideas for Kids at Christmas

October 21
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With the excitement of Halloween fast approaching, we can be sure that it won’t be long before we’re all crowding into shopping centres, listening to Bing Cosby and cramming as many mince pies into our mouths as we can reasonably lay our hands on.  While we’re constantly assured that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, it’s equally apparent that it’s also the most stressful.

With such an enormous amount to think about in the build-up to Christmas, it’s incredibly useful to get some tasks out of the way and dealt with.  Christmas shopping for your kids is among the most taxing of these – so why not get it done now, before the real rush gets started?