How to Inspire Your Child’s Imagination

November 20
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Imagination is one of the most important things in the world to a child’s development. A child’s imagination is what helps them to be creative, to solve problems and to imagine a world beyond what they know.

A child with a good imagination is usually more alert and happier and they are better able to cope with difficult situations later in life. When the imagination is allowed to grow and flourish these children will grow into creative and inspirational adults who look at the world in innovative ways and come up with ground breaking ideas. Being creative doesn’t necessarily mean that these children will grow into artists or performers, they might be leaders or business people who are able to see the world in a new way and come up with new solutions to problems.

There are so many things your child will become addicted to and passionate about during their upbringing. Instead of fighting them, make sure you encourage them and even go that one step further and try to embrace what they love and what excites them each morning. Millions of children have embraced Minecraft and although on the surface it looks a lot like an old video console with simplistic gaming qualities and poor effects. In reality this is encouraging your children to interact with others by having a common interest and build, create items and lands that expand their horizons and bolt on to the real world they live in. Our bedding, curtain and furniture ranges help you to create that world in their bedrooms and magnify the fun of the games, TV shows and films that they love.

So how can you inspire your child’s imagination? Here are a few ways to get you started:

Tell Your Child a Story

You don’t need a picture book, just make up a crazy story in your head and encourage your child to close their eyes and imagine it happening. Make sure that your story is filled with a lot of sensory details such as how things smell, what colours things are, the sounds they make, etc. Then, let your child take a turn telling a story for you to imagine with eyes closed.

Make Art Together

A great activity that you can do with your child that will stimulate their imagination is to make art together. Whether you are making a watercolour painting, a crayon drawing or a clay sculpture you can make something unique and special that will be one of a kind. Ask your child about the art they are creating, it likely has a fascinating story behind it that they will want to share with you.

Decorate Their Bedroom

The bedroom is where your child sleeps and spends a lot of their time, so make sure that their resting and playing space is a beautiful environment that will inspire their creativity. Decorate it with bright and colourful elements, such as duvets printed with animals or funny characters and cartoon wall stickers. You can even choose a theme – such as Underwater, Outer Space or Animals. You can also add some playful beanbag furniture or a foam sofa, adding more seating space that is comfortable, casual and fun. There are so many themes to choose from – come of the biggest right now stem from video games, TV shows and movies including Minecraft, Spiderman, The Avengers, Pepper Pig and Minions.

minecraft bedding inspired set

Get a Big Box

One of the best toys in the world for an imaginative child is a large cardboard box, such as from a refrigerator or a wardrobe. With a pair of scissors, some felt pens and some paint these boxes can be turned into anything – from a fortress to a car to a spaceship to a tank. Let your child go wild with the box and see what creative games they can come up with- it’s a cheap and fun way to spend an afternoon.

Write a Story

Get a bunch of blank paper and fold it in half, stapling it at the middle to make a book. Then, let your child fill the book with a story that they make up on their own, or you make up together. It can be about anything you like, from purple aliens in space to the adventures of the family cat. If your child is too young to write they can dictate the story to you, or if they are old enough they can write it themselves. They can also make illustrations to go with their one of a kind original story.

Dress Up Time

Another great imaginative activity to play with children is dress up. Put together a big box of fun dress up clothing, including fancy dress and Halloween costumes, scarves, hats, wigs, glasses and other fun things. Try putting together strange costumes and making up zany characters based on the funny clothing combinations you come up with. This activity is simple, easy and always great for lots of laughs.

These are just a few great ideas as to how you can inspire your child’s imagination. The more you help them to develop their imagination when they are young, the more confident and creative they will be when they are older, not to mention all the bonding times you will have together creating things and having fun. These imaginative skills will only benefit them in a positive way, so encourage them to play and imagine as much as possible!


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