Maximising Your Seating at Christmas

November 25
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If you’re thinking of having all of your family and friends over to celebrate Christmas – as so many of us will be – then you’ll likely run into a problem. How can we possible accommodate everybody? In order to address this problem, we’ll need to enlist the help of some alternative seating. Let’s examine the available options.

Folding chairs

One of the most common and popular means of getting a lot of seating in a short space of time is through the use of folding chairs. These can be purchased inexpensively, and will fold into a small space for easy storage. The cheapest of these sorts of chairs are notorious for being uncomfortable, but certain sorts of camping chair might offer a slightly-improved alternative.

For the most part, such chairs are best used when outside – and they’re often weatherproof enough to cope with all but the most caustic conditions. If you’re not planning to take your seating outdoors for the rest of the year, it makes little sense for you to invest in camping chairs just for Christmas.

Stackable chairs

If you’ve got a dining chair setup that’s easily collapsible and moved out of sight, then you might be able to keep spare chairs around to seatt everyone when you all crowd around to eat Christmas dinner. Unfortunately, stackable chairs tend to compromise on looks – so you’ll need to search around for a dining room setup which looks the part as well as being collapsible and convenient.

Of course, that isn’t to say that no such dining setups exist – there are many attractive, stackable chairs available – with many of them to be found in cafes and restaurants across the country. Naturally, if you’re not running a restaurant, then you won’t need this sort of convenience for much of the year – so investing in stackable chairs just for the sake of the occasional Christmas gathering makes very little sense. If you find a dining set that you like which offers this convenience, however, there’s no reason not to go for it.

Bean Bags

Bean bags are a fun and flexible addition to any household. They can be adapted to a variety of situations and interior décors; it’s this that makes them so popular. If you need somewhere to put your feet up, then a bean-bag will provide a willing footrest. If you need somewhere to sit, then you’ll be able to sit down on a beanbag.

Unless you’re fortunate enough to have enough chairs to seat your entire extended family, you’ll need some mobile seating which can be quickly moved from one part of the house to another. A bean bag provides exactly this sort of seating – it can be easily moved down even the narrowest staircase, and dragged against floors and walls without worry. If you find yourself carefully manoeuvring dining chairs from one room to another at this time of year, then bean bags will prove an extremely attractive alternative.

Another appealing feature of a bean bag is that it can be used as a functional item of furniture elsewhere in the house throughout the year. If you’ve got a bean bag in an upstairs bedroom or two, then you’ll be able to easily bring them down when it’s time for the family to crowd around a monopoly board.

Bean bags also have the key advantage of coming with removable outer covers. This means that they can be more easily washed than a sofa or folding chair; just throw them into the washing machine along with the rest of your laundry, and the result will be a sparkling clean and flexible item of furniture. Moreover, when you decide you’d like a change of colour, then it’s not necessary to replace the entire bean-bag; you can instead simply swap the cover for a different one.

Bean bags come in a range of different sizes. The largest of them can even comfortably seat two people.

Bean Slabs

Of course, a bean bag can be arranged into a myriad of different shapes. By cutting the case slightly differently, it’s possible to achieve virtually any shape you can imagine. Thus, we’re able to create bean bags that mimic the shape of armchairs, pillowcases and mattresses.

Of the available shapes, the ‘bean slab’ is among the most popular. It folds to create a snug seat and back support, or it can be lain flat to create a mattress. If you’re inviting guests over to stay, then you’ll not only be able to sit them down – you’ll also be able to provide them with somewhere to sleep. Like ordinary bean bags, bean slabs are easily moved from one area to another, and can be conveniently laundered alongside the rest of your washing.

As well as being perfect additions to your Christmas furniture, bean bag slabs can also be used at other times of the year. If you’re looking for something to lounge on in the garden, or to take with you on your next camping trip or festival excursion, a bean slab might provide a little bit of comfort wherever in the world you end up travelling to!

Children’s Bean Bags

Not everyone in your household will require such an enormous bean bag. Some will require only a very small one. You’ll find a range of bean bags designed especially to appeal to children available on the internet. These range from traditional square-shaped designs to smaller beanbag shapes designed to look like miniature armchairs. They also come decorated in a variety of different designs and patterns – ranging from alphabet-prints and animals to simpler bold-colour designs.

If you’re looking to provide a toddler with somewhere to sit, then things might be difficult – as there aren’t actually that many chairs designed to accommodate them. A small beanbag will do just the job, providing a serviceable piece of furniture in a child’s bedroom for most of the year, as well as during Christmas time.



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