Top 10 Christmas Gifts

November 11
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Here at Shopisfy, we have a variety of gifts for your whole family this Christmas. Not everyone is easy to shop for, from main presents to stocking fillers, we could all use some help with gift ideas this time of year. This is why we have combined this list of 10 great Christmas presents, ideal for a number of people and sure to put smiles on faces during the big day.

Children’s Bean Bag Chair

Giving children their own little chair that they can easily move into any room, gives them a sense of freedom. Bean bag chairs have more structure to them than ordinary bean bags, having arm rests and a more supportive back. You can choose the design or style of the bean bag chair to suit their bedroom or depending on what they like or their favourite colour.

Gymnastics Training Beam

For the gymnast in your family, having a safe place to train and practice can be of great benefit. Matching the international standards of being 6ft long and 10cm wide, these gymnastic beams allow for accurate rehearsal of all beam routines, without being far off the ground. They can easily be stored away, An ideal gift for any beginner or budding gymnast.

Children’s Sofa Bed

If you constantly find yourself having to bring out the air bed for when your son or daughter has their friends stay over, sofa beds are a handy alternative. In a selection of colours and designs, you can find a sofa bed to fit in their bedroom. Having a sofa in their bedroom makes children’s feel more independent, having somewhere to relax and have as their own besides their bed. Easily converted then into a bed, when friends come over they have a comfortable place to stay and you can save your breath on the air bed.

Gaming Bean Bag

To go along with a new game or even console at Christmas, a gaming bean bag is sure to be used frequently by gamers. Being able to comfortably recline with a footrest, these bean bags offer comfort and support to those who will happily sit for hours in front of screen. Available in a range of colours and even in water resistant for those who are prone to spilling their drink too busy focusing on their game, or during the summer months and parties in the garden.

Emoji Cushions

With all your favourite emojis, emoji cushions are a great gift for teens or those quirky and tech savvy. These scatter cushions bring some fun into any home and you can really say something by which emoji you think suits someone best.

Children’s Giant Floor Cushions

Giant floor cushions can be loved by kids and used for many things. Not only just a comfortable place to sit when on the floor, they can be used in children’s dens to create a cosier feel. Or when friends come over, more cushions mean a cosier and comfortable space.

iPad Stands

For anyone with an iPad or tablet, they have at some point wished they’d had a stand. Tablet stands are handy for several reasons, being able to sit back and watch your favourite show or video chat to your family and friends is so much easier than having to hold your tablet in front of your face for hours, not to say bad on your eyes. Bean bag tablet stands are especially good at holding your tablet up and still on uneven surfaces such as on your bed and the soft design makes it safer when young children want to use the device. Sure to be appreciated by any tablet owner.

Play Mats

Play mats are ideal for new mums wanting their child to play safely in their home, the soft foam providing an ideal space for having young children learn to crawl and play for the first time. The mats are available in bright colours, great for engaging young children and to keep in their nursery or elsewhere in the house.

Themed Collections

There are a wide variety of products to be found in the themed collections, with over 20 children’s designs for girls and boys. From bean bags to duvet covers, you can fill out your child’s whole bedroom from a single collection. Any of these items would make for a great gift for young children.

Wall Stickers

To accessorise your child’s bedroom, wall stickers are perfect. No child wants a plain and boring room, and stickers can turn their bedroom in a safari park, princess castle, or underwater adventure. Pick the best design to suit your child and transform their room for Christmas.

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