Top Gifts Ideas for Kids at Christmas

October 21
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With the excitement of Halloween fast approaching, we can be sure that it won’t be long before we’re all crowding into shopping centres, listening to Bing Cosby and cramming as many mince pies into our mouths as we can reasonably lay our hands on.  While we’re constantly assured that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, it’s equally apparent that it’s also the most stressful.

With such an enormous amount to think about in the build-up to Christmas, it’s incredibly useful to get some tasks out of the way and dealt with.  Christmas shopping for your kids is among the most taxing of these – so why not get it done now, before the real rush gets started?

Bean Bags

If you’re shopping for your children’s bedroom, then you might be considering a raft of different items of furniture.  In this area, there are few items more flexible than the bean bag.  This particularly technology has several features with help it to stand apart from the competition.  Among these is the fact that it’s mobile; you can pick up a bean bag and easily toss it down the stairs and into the living room – without having to carefully guide it down the staircase, while endeavouring not to catch any pointy edges on the surrounding delicate wallpaper as you go.

So, if your child would like to sit up in their room, reading, or if they’d like to sit in the living room, watching television or taking part in a board game on Christmas Day, then they’ll be able to do so easily – meaning that you’ll be able to seat more people than you ever could before!

Bean bag chairs come in several different varieties.  Of these, perhaps the most appealing for children are those modelled after adult-sized pieces of furniture, like armchairs and sofas.  On the other hand, they might prefer a stool like this one – which is ideal for a playroom or nursery, and can be used either outdoors or in.

Part of the charm of a piece of bean-bag furniture is its flexibility.  By removing the cover and swapping it for a new one, you’ll be able to choose a look that fits your child’s mood and personality.  Similarly, you’ll be able to deal with any pesky stains as they arrive, as the covers are mostly machine-washable (or they can be simply wiped clean with a suitable damp cloth.  If your child is like most, and loves to produce a mess every so often, then this feature will undoubtedly be a welcome one.


Another item of furniture that’s great for children’s bedrooms is a cushion.  And this is for all of the same reasons that it is in the case of a beanbag – scatter cushions can be easily strewn about the house, and they come with detachable covers which can be easily washed and dried.

The cushions we sell come packed with hollow fibres – which are made from polyester.  They replicate the feel of a real feather pillow, but they won’t provoke the sort of allergic reaction that a hollow-fibre pillow might.

You’ll find many different sorts of pillow on our site, in a range of different colours and textures.  For example, there’s this plum-coloured linen-effect specimen, and this sand-coloured one.  Either would make a great addition to a children’s bedroom – and since these are just two of the eleven different colours on offer, you’re sure to find a combination that’ll match the existing décor.  On the other hand, you might move these cushions to any room in your home – as they’re sure to work just as well wherever you place them!

Wall Stickers

When it comes to decorating a children’s bedroom, you’ll want to go for as much visual stimulus as possible while keeping things coherent.  If your child is going to be spending a lot of time looking at the walls, then covering those walls in entertaining and informative pictures is an obvious and popular move.

Wall stickers offer a tremendously straightforward means of doing this.  You need simply attach them to whichever surface you have available – and it needn’t be a wall, as these stickers are able to attach to a plethora of different surfaces – including windows, mirrors, and ceramics.   Provided that the surface is smooth and even, you’ll be able to use a sticker easily.  Also, crucially, you’ll be able to apply and remove the sticker without damaging the wall beneath.

If your child is very young, then you’ll want to give them every opportunity to familiarise themselves with the letters of the alphabet before they get into school – after all, they’re going to be dealing with letters and numbers throughout their lives, and so being able to recognise them all and tell them apart before learning what they mean might be invaluable.  With the help of a suitable set of wall stickers, you’ll be able to provide your child with a means of becoming familiar with those letters.

Of course, this needn’t mean that you turn your child’s bedroom into a classroom.  Children will get a great kick out of our range of animal-themed ‘Born Free’ stickers, too – like the other stickers in our range, they’re easily applied to any surface – just slap them on, and you’ll instantly have brightened up your child’s bedroom!

In Conclusion

With Christmas not yet on the agenda, there’s a temptation to put the task of shopping for the season off for a while.  But this, clearly, would be a mistake.  By getting the shopping for your child’s bedroom in now, you’ll be able to concentrate on other things – and you’ll ensure that your holiday experience is as enjoyable as possible.  What’s more, as we’ve seen, we offer many items that will help to brighten up your child’s corner of your home – and Christmas Is an excellent time to invest in that particular corner.


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