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Support Cushions

Our range of support cushions is second to none. There are lots of clever designs to help support the neck and back in different situations. Whether you are looking for neck, leg, or back support we have the cushion for you! The memory foam pillow doubles as a leg or head support depending on your needs. It cushions and supports the legs or the neck by adapting to your specific body shape.

The quilted bed wedge can be used to prop you up whilst reading a book – it is a novel invention that solves the problem of pillows slumping in the middle and causing odd sitting positions that put strain on the back. You need never be uncomfortable again with our quilted cushion bed wedge.

The water resistant garden scatter bolster cushion provides support to the back in upright garden chairs. They are waterproof making them ideal for this purpose but can also be a handy buddy around the house to enhance comfort whether you choose to sit or lay down. They can elevate the legs, neck or rest in the hollow of the back. There are lots of funky designs to choose from making the scatter cushion one of the trendiest and practical items in the cushion collection.