Futons have really come into their own over the last few years because of their simple and attractive design as well as their practical application. There is something creative and funky about futons with their signature wooden bases and S shaped folding mattresses. They are iconic in the world of design and affordable furniture. We make them even better by offering cheap futons that are high in quality.

They have a very practical application in that they combine the need to have a sofa and a bed in the same space. This makes living spaces more functional and gives kids the bonus of having a sofa in their rooms that doubles up as a bed when their friends stay over — and who doesn’t love a sleepover? Especially when a single fold out bed chair can be used to sit and chill on during the day and sleep on at night. Equally for adults, a living room or spare room can be used for entertaining or as a games room and become a bedroom by night. It’s this versatility that draws people to our single and double fold out bed chairs.

The futon took the sofa bed concept and gave it a whole new identity. Not to mention that the fold out futon is a much cheaper option. Our collection stocks futon mattresses, premier cotton twill futons, futon sofa beds and a futon sleeping mattress that is an extremely comfortable a portable take on the sleeping bag. There are lots of cool colours to choose from so no space need be without a futon in it moving forwards!

Whether you are after a one, two, or even three seater futon sofa bed you will not be disappointed. And if you change the colour of a room and have a redesign then all you need do is change the colour of the futon mattress, keeping the wooden frame and reducing the cost of your interior design urges. Find out some great reasons to buy a futon in our useful free guide.

Futons have really come into their own over the last few years because of their simple and...