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Fold Out Z Beds

The Ultimate Fold Out Chair Bed

The fold up chair bed is exactly what is says it is. A nice and compact unit. The fold out z bed chair takes up minimal floor space when it is folded into a chair and expands to a suitable length when unfolded into a bed. There are single and double fold up chair beds available in different designs to suit your tastes as well as your needs. 

The design of this fold out childrens bed is very simple with neat corners and straight edges. The Z bed is the perfect folding bed. It has a self-contained large mattress that folds up to create a chair in a clear Z shape (which is why we call it the z bed) and then simply folds out to become a bed. It is an effortless switch between functions. The fold out bed chair comes with splash proof or water resistant finishes to make them practical in a busy household where accidents happen!

The single splash proof Z bed is 14cm deep when laid out making it a comfortable thickness for sleeping on. They look like blocks of quirky colourfulness when folded into a chair that will look great in a modern room. With this versatility it’s no surprise that people prefer the z bed to pull out sofa beds. The water resistant double fold out Z bed is available in nine different colours so there is plenty of choices when you search for your ideal chair bed. The Z bed is a great single fold out bed chair for kid’s sleepovers, guests and just as comfortable, lightweight seating.