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If you’re having guests over but don’t have the room to fit a full size bed or a sofa bed in your home, our folding chair beds are the perfect solution. Why? Firstly, this type of furniture will provide your guests with comfortable seating and secondly, when they’re ready to sleep it’s easily converted into a bed. It’s also perfect for when the kids are having a sleepover.

What makes these double chair beds stand out is simply the convenience; they can be unfolded in seconds to become a double bed that two guests can sleep on. This makes it super easy when you invite friends and relatives over at the last minute and want them to stay. You won’t have any stress about worrying where they’re going to sleep. It also saves you the trouble of setting up a pull-out sofa. The double chair bed goes from a cool chair to a comfy bed in a matter of seconds.

Take a look through our collection of double chair beds, so that you can choose the right bed for your needs. They are all high quality items made from top notch materials, so you can be confident that they will provide you with comfort and enjoyment for many years.