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As you may expect, a fold out chair bed is a very useful and versatile piece of furniture that is a great solution to a lack of space and need for an extra bed. Chair beds are both a chair and a bed, so they can provide extra seating when you have company over and they can also offer sleeping space when the guest is staying the night. We have a great range of single bed futon chairs.

Our beds come in a range of colours and patterns. As well as being comfortable, they are also stylish and will add visual interest to the décor of a room. It’s especially useful when your child has a friend come and stay over. Whether it’s to sit on so they can play video games or sleep on afterwards. If you are looking for chair beds for kids, we have a range of exciting patterns from the “Paris” design to the “Space Boy” design with planets and UFOs.

Take a look through our range of single futon chair beds to find the one that’s perfect for your home. Need some help on what to order? No problem, please can in touch with one of our experts and we will do our best to help.