Sports & Leisure

Sports & Leisure

Fitness is essential to living a long, healthy and happy life. And if you want to stay fit, then you’ll need to perform occasional exercise – or, better yet, frequent exercise. That’s why so many of us rush to spend our hard-earned cash on those expensive gym memberships.

Mercifully, there’s another way. With the help of our sports accessories, you’ll be able to kit out the empty space in your home into a miniature aerobics, yoga, or dance studio. That way, you’ll be able to minimise the risks associated with learning evermore taxing contortions and manoeuvres. Or, if you’re running a commercial fitness facility, or a children’s play area, you’ll be able to lay down the sports mats necessary to ensure that those trips and falls don’t result in serious injury.

Our range of foldable crash mats offer plenty of room to perform yoga positions and dance moves. They fold easily into a single 2’ square, and come with a handle that allows for easy transportation. They’re two inches thick, and so will provide protection both against short-term shocks and the cumulative long-term effect of all of those steps and jumps. If you’re training for a balance beam, then you’ll want a means of practicing your moves without risking your neck. That’s where long, thin cushions come into play. They allow you to develop your routine at ground level, identifying areas of weakness and improving your balance in relative safety. The soft surface will ensure that the stabilising muscles in your legs and core get a thorough workout as you’re going through your routines.

Finally, if you’re an aspiring pole dancer, then you’ll want protection that fits around the base of your pole. That’s where the circular mats with a hole in the centre come in – they’re designed to ensure that you can flip yourself upside down without worrying too much about head injury!

Fitness is essential to living a long, healthy and happy life. And if you want to stay fit, then...