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Gymnastic Beams

If you watched the gymnastics section of the Olympics, then you’ll know that the balance beam is among the most impressive pieces of apparatus. That’s because the price of error is so high – the tension is ratcheted to unbelievable levels, and only the most accomplished gymnast can endure. 

In order to practice on the balance beam, it’s important to start from a position where small errors won’t cause debilitating injuries – which, among other things, will set back your progress considerably. That’s where foldable training beams come in. They’re made from a range of materials designed to replicate the feel of real gym beama, and so you’ll be able to have the same experience without positioning yourself several feet from the ground.

If you’re looking for gymnastic beams, then this is the section of the site that you’ll find them. With the right approach, you’ll be able to try new things at ground level before you try them at height!